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Raindrop Revelry 20x24" Original Acrylic painting

Raindrop Revelry 20x24" Original Acrylic painting

Three sisters danced in the rain,

With their little dog, what a playful chain,

Raindrop revelry, laughter uncontained,

In puddles they splashed, their joy unfeigned.

Twirling and swirling, in a merry prance,

Their giggles and grins, a joyful dance,

The dog barked happily, joining the spree,

Under the gray skies, so wild and free.

Sisters three, in raindrops' embrace,

With smiles on their faces, not a trace

Of worry or care, just pure delight,

Dancing in the rain, a magical sight.

So let them play, let them be,

In raindrop revelry, wild and free,

For moments like these, so simple and plain,

Are the ones we cherish, amidst the rain.

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