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Sail away A3 original Acrylic painting

Sail away A3 original Acrylic painting

In the rain, a boy stands alone,

His toy boat sailing on its own.

Bullies' words like thunder, cruel and loud,

Yet his boat sails, brave and proud.

In the puddle, his refuge found,

Safe harbor on this battleground.

With each ripple, his spirit soars,

Defiant against the hurtful roars.

Though the storm may rage and pour,

His toy boat glides, a symbol of more.

In this moment, his strength is clear,

Facing the storm without fear.

So let the rain fall, let the bullies jeer,

His toy boat sails, a beacon near.

A boy's resilience, a sight to see,

In the puddle, he finds solace free.

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